Motor – Vehicle Insurance Policy

It is important to have the most appropriate Vehicle Insurance Policy. One that best protects your Vehicle, whether it is a Car, Van, Classic Vehicle, Motorcycle or Camper Van.

Whatever your Vehicle Insurance requirements, you can rely on us to provide the right solution promptly and efficiently that is tailored to your individual needs.

We provide a Vehicle Insurance Policy for all vehicle types, from family cars to high value, high performance luxury models. Whatever you drive, trust Plester Group to ensure it is protected correctly.

Regardless of your driving experience, profile or history we have a Vehicle Insurance Policy for clients just like you.

Company Car Drivers

Often when you drive a company car you lose your No Claims Bonus when the car is handed back. This makes finding a Vehicle Insurance Policy for your personal car or vehicle a little bit more complex. You may have purchased your company car, have opted out of a company car scheme, have reached the end of your company car lease and are organising your own vehicle arrangements or just simply retired.

We understand the difficulties faced by former company car drivers and are able to assist in arranging comprehensive Vehicle Insurance Policy solutions for you, at the price you deserve.

Once we have established your requirements, we will search a panel of expert motor insurers to provide the level of cover that most accurately suits your needs. We can also advise on current company car drivers and those without a No Claims Bonus.

Young Drivers

We understand that being a young driver is often daunting with the extortionate costs of learning how to drive, having a car, and the price of insurance. A Vehicle Insurance Policy for young drivers enables you to get on the road as safely and as cost-effectively as possible.

New Driver Insurance

A Vehicle Insurance Policy lets you start building a No Claims Bonus straight away.

A Black Box is sent to you and is installed free of charge. With this, you are given a grace period so you can start driving straight away. This allows for a maximum discount from the outset, because we trust you to be safe and responsible on the road. There are no curfews, penalties or extra charges for driving at night. Online feedback is provided so you can review your journeys and have the chance to take free e-learning modules to develop safer driving skills.

The vehicles we quote for can be no more than 6 years old and a maximum engine size of 1.4 litre, this giving greater emphasis on safety, which is of paramount importance to us.

Cars for Young Drivers

An affordable scheme that encourages new drivers to buy and insure a new car.

We want nothing more than to see young drivers out on the road, safely and affordably. Our relationship with insurers Marmalade, means we have access to the Fuel & Go scheme, designed to help new drivers buy and insure a new car without having too much worry about the cost.

With the Fuel & Go scheme, you can have a brand-new car, 12 months’ free insurance and a low insurance deposit of just £500. You can save money by choosing a safer car, with a smaller engine, and with a fitted black box that helps reduce your Vehicle Insurance Policy Premiums.

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Learner Drivers

Working in a close partnership with Provisional Marmalade, we provide an affordable and flexible Vehicle Insurance Policy. From as little as £85 for 30 days, you can practice in your parents’ car, without harming their No Claims Bonus, or even learn in your own car. You may also extend the length of cover you need up to 90 days.

Our Vehicle Insurance Policy covers cars up to Group 32 and with a maximum value of £20,000.

We strive to offer you as much protection as possible and we can provide you with additional covers to supplement your core motor Insurance Policy.

We never automatically include these ancillary products and these are always optional extra’s. The additional policies available are: –

Legal Expenses

This gives valuable cover when needed most and provides cover such as:

  • Recovery of your Uninsured Losses when You are involved in a motor accident which is Not your fault.
  • Defence of a Criminal Prosecution for a Motoring Offence
  • Motor Vehicle Contract Disputes
  • Vehicle Cloning
  • Illegal Clamping and Towing
  • Unenforceable Parking Fines
  • Motor Insurance Database Disputes
  • Licence Protection
  • Emergency Hire Vehicle

Motor Breakdown

We like to think our cars will run forever, but imagine it is late at night you are in a country lane it is cold, wet and windy and your car shudders to an halt you want to know there is someone you can call to get immediate help.

We can offer motor breakdown assistance to suit your personal requirements, such as roadside assistance only, roadside and recovery, roadside recovery and homestart and we can extend the cover to apply in Europe if required.

Excess Protection

Whilst we should only ever take an excess that we can afford to pay in the event of a claim, we recognise that any expenditure can be hurtful to our pocket or plans and whilst there is never a perfect time for a claim if at the wrong time it can have a detrimental effect on our life, we can offer a policy which would in the event of an excess being payable reimburse this back to you.

GAP Insurance

Having your car written off or stolen is stressful enough without having to worry about losing money and not obtaining the cars full value. Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Insurance, or Vehicle GAP Insurance is designed to work alongside comprehensive motor insurance and to help cover the difference between the loss and the original value of the car. Unfortunately, cars can depreciate in value as soon as they are driven off the forecourt and a highly competitive Vehicle GAP Insurance Policy will ensure you can replace your car without having to worry about the difference.

We have negotiated various rates and levels of cover for Vehicle GAP Insurance. We offer three flexible types of cover with a choice of terms:

Purchase Price GAP Cover

A form of Vehicle GAP Insurance that covers the difference between the motor insurers total loss valuation and the net purchase price on the day the vehicle was purchased.

Finance GAP Cover

Covering the difference between the motor insurers total loss valuation and the finance early settlement figure.

Valuation GAP Cover

This insurance covers the difference between the motor insurers total loss valuation and the actual Glass’s Guide value at the time the policy was purchased.

Some of the other products we can help you with:

Family Fleet
Household Insurance