Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

What is Directors and Officers Liability Insurance? (Management Liability Insurance)

As a Director of a company you have certain responsibilities to your employees, members of the public and investors. If you are a Director, Partner or Officer these responsibilities can expose you as an individual to personal liability for the actions or omissions you or your fellow Directors make whilst undertaking company duties.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance or, Management Liability Insurance is a Policy that will protect you as a Director. It provides Personal Liability Cover for company Directors and protects you from claims that may arise from the decisions and actions you take in the course of your role as a Director. There is a growing trend towards actions being taken against individual Directors and it is important to make sure you are protected with Directors & Officers Liability Insurance (Management Liability Insurance).

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance (Management Liability Insurance) provides peace of mind that if the worse was to happen cover and advice is available.


Entity Defence Cover

Usually an extension of a Directors and Officers Insurance Policy (Management Liability Insurance). Entity defence cover provides protection for your company itself should proceedings be bought against the business, as opposed to individual Directors and Officers.


Employment Practices Liability

Insurance cover is often bought alongside a Directors and Officers Policy (Management Liability Insurance) and pays the costs which may be incurred to defend you and your business against claims brought against you by employees, or former employees for discrimination, misconduct in the workplace (harassment and bullying for example) and wrongful dismissal.

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